Plumbing For New Homes & Renovations In Cairns


Dobbs Plumbing & Water Tanks has over 30 years experience installing plumbing systems in new homes, during renovation projects and for home additions. If you're building a new home, renovating your house or adding an extension to your building, Dobbs Plumbing will provide expert services.

With reasonable rates, flexible hours and no extra charges for after hour services, we can deliver what you need within your budget. Our experience and training mean that liaising with your contractor is not a problem. We work harmoniously and in collaboration with other crews.
New Homes — Water Tank Specialists in Cairns, QLD

New Homes

A new home means a brand new plumbing and septic system. If you are building on an empty block of land, we recommend you hire us for an initial inspection. We can assess your land and surrounding area and give you an assessment for how we would set up freshwater and wastewater connections.

Renovations and additions — Water Tank Specialists in Cairns, QLD

Home Renovations and Additions

A home renovation may require plumbing work, depending on what you want to achieve. For instance, any renovations in the kitchen and bathrooms will require plumbing expertise. We can make sure you are safely and correctly replacing bathroom and kitchen fittings and move or add piping and water fixtures to suit the functionality of the room.

Plumbing expertise — Water Tank Specialists in Cairns, QLD

Plumbing Expertise

New home construction projects, renovations and house additions require plumbing expertise. Whether you have specific work in mind or you need our help in understanding whether a plumber might be required during your project, Dobbs Plumbing & Water Tanks is happy to help.

We also install, maintain and repair water tanks at homes.