Pioneer Water Tanks in Far North Queensland


Pioneer has established itself as the leading name in the water tank business in Australia. The company has a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality water tanks that are suitable for residential, commercial and rural purposes. Dobbs Plumbing & Water Tanks are the exclusive supplier of Pioneer Water Tanks, meaning we sell, install, maintain and repair these tanks for our clients throughout Cairns, Mareeba, Ravenshoe, Atherton, and FNQ.
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The Pioneer Water Tanks Difference

When you invest in a Pioneer Water Tank you are getting four distinct advantages over any other manufacturer. These include:

- Freshwater: Pioneer are manufacturers of the only antimicrobial tanks in the world. These tanks are excellent for ensuring that your water stays fresh for a long time. Only Pioneer has a liner that keeps your water fresher for longer. Our exclusive bacteria resistant liner stops anything from growing.
- Warranty: Only Pioneer will give you a 30 Year Warranty. Our 30 years of proven experience means we have the confidence to give you a 30 Year Warranty, that’s 10 years more than anyone else.

- Strength: Pioneer uses an exclusive 8-80 V-LOCK tank wall panel that delivers strength and longevity. These water tanks are some of the strongest and longest lasting models in Australia. For a reasonable price you can have a water tank that is going to remain in excellent condition for decades.

- Service: Only Pioneer can offer Pioneer dealer direct service. Your Tank will be built by a trained and accredited tank expert; whose local reputation relies on a good quality product being built to a high standard.

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Do Not Settle

When you can enjoy a water tank that lasts for decades, why would you settle for anything less? Pioneer has a 30 year history of manufacturing quality water tanks and investing in the necessary R&D to come up with technological advancements to their tank lineup.

Whether you require a water tank for your home, apartment complex, farm, commercial property or industrial site, Pioneer Water Tanks will deliver better performance and longevity than you could ever have imagined. You will have access to safe, clean drinking water while also being at the very forefront of water tech.

Are you considering investing in a Pioneer Water Tank? Call Dobbs Plumbing & Water Tanks today. We are happy to help you find a tank to suit your needs and then to install it at your property. We have been the sole distributor for Pioneer Water Tanks for the past ten years, in the region spanning from Ingham North to PNG, including FNQ and rural and remote locations such as the Torres Strait Islands.